Sustainable Livelihoods

Zabarang currently has one project to promote livelihoods.

Community Empowerment Project, 2004-2012

a village development committee meeting

a village development committee meeting

The Community Empowerment Project is funded by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), and is being implemented by several partners across the Khagrachari district. The Community Empowerment Project facilitates the formation of village development committees to help communities plan achieve their needs, such as income generating activities, education, water and sanitation and health services. Through UNDP funding, communities are provided with cash grants, to implement their plans. Our staff work closely with community people, providing them with awareness raising training on issues such as gender, financial monitoring and leadership development. We assist the communities to receive technical training from the government on issues such as livestock rearing and agricultural cultivation. As a result, the communities have developed self-governance and designed self-development action plans.

Zabarang has recently completed an action-research project to address climate change and livelihoods.

Promoting the best practices to Combat Climate Change, 1 January to 30 June 2011

The project is supported by the UNDP Regional Center in Bangkok, which was implemented with some specific activities like- 1) to identify and disseminate the knowledge, innovations and practices of Jum cultivator for sustainable hill cultivation; 2) to strengthen the capacities of Jum cultivators for sustainable hill cultivation in dealing with changing climate and seasons, and scarcity of resources; and 3) to promote the good practices of climate change adaptation in hill cultivation practices of the region.